Independence Day in Wilmore

Happy Independence Day to all. We have been gearing up for a grand Wilmore-style Fourth of July explosion, complete with a Tractor Parade and 25 cent hot dogs. It doesn’t take much to get our kids excited.

Unfortunately, it was raining this morning so we expected the parade and festivities to be cancelled, but the people of Wilmore aren’t called AmeriCANs for nothing.  They fired up the engines and the grills and rolled out.

The rain delayed us a bit, so only Brasher got to see the tractors.  He went with the Phillips family (more on that later).  When the rain stopped, the rest of us joined at the Wilmore Campground for horseback riding, a big band (which played the Bealtes and Herman’s Hermits, go figure), 25 cent hotdogs, and Ale8One.

Many of the Beeson families gathered at the campground with kids playing and getting to know one another.  It was a great time.

Tonight, we had more treats in store, but the rain put the damper on them.  We cooked out at Randy and Sue Jessen’s house as they hosted all of the Beeson students for a kickoff cookout.  Afterwards several of the BP’s and their families went to see the RJ Corman fireworks show, a Wilmore and Nicholasville tradition.

It was a good day, even if it rained on our parade.


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