Dissertation Dilemmas

Oh, no!  Mr. Bill!

Oh, no! Mr. Bill!

This afternoon was spent working through some beginning dissertation thoughts with Dr. Stacy Minger.  The dissertation is the major work that must be completed in order for us to graduate.  It is what we will spend the next three years focusing on.  It is no small piece of the puzzle.

When our time together began, I was pretty sure that I had gotten to the heart of what I wanted to study.  By the end of our time together, it seemed as unclear as ever.  It is amazing how many layers there are to peel back as you look at research.  You don’t know the depth of issues until you begin analyzing them for research purposes.  Finding a dissertation topic is a bit like trying to find a toy under the stove.  You know it’s under there.  So you look for a little while.  Finally, you stick as much of your hand under as you can.  With no luck, you grab the broom handle and poke under there a bit.  You’re able to feel it.  It’s moving around back there, but it’s just out of reach.

Everyone has said to not get worried.  We are early in the process.  Our class next week will help greatly in narrowing the focus.  There is no need for dissertation anxiety at the moment.

All of that is true.  Next week may be filled with watershed moments as we all focus in on our topics.  It will get done.  I will have a proposal by the time I leave in June.

I just hope that I don’t have to move the stove to get to the toy.


One Response to “Dissertation Dilemmas”

  1. Jon Says:

    LOL–I always seem to end up with that nasty pizza crust from last month that the kids managed to shove underneath the stove…

    What was your original idea? I ask because I’ve been giving some thought to this now as I anticipate the possibility of participating in the program someday.

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