Leadership Summit – Part Three

Day Two of the Leadership Summit was just as busy as Day One.  We heard from some outstanding leaders and pastors.

Here is a rundown of memorable moments:

Craig Groeschel is the pastor of LifeChurch.tv.  He was a United Methodist pastor who decided to do something extremely different.  Now, he is the lead pastor of a group of churches that worship is several western states.  They also stream their worship in a very participatory way on the web.  In fact, they would say that they have a web-based church.

Catherine Rohr founded the Prison Entrepreneurship Program after leaving her lucrative job as a stock broker and selling off her 401k.  She moved to Texas to go into prisons to lead prisoners (the hardest prisoners) into a better way of life.  Part of this is helping them to take the skills that made them good criminals and use them to contribute to society.  It’s quite a story.

Brad Anderson is the CEO of Best Buy (you may have heard of it).  His story is quite interesting.  He worked the floor of the original store in Minnesota for seven years before rising to be a manager.  Prior to that, he was a seminary dropout.  Prior to that, he was an average high school student who was advised to not go to college.  His interview with Bill Hybels was interesting because he had very little to say about leadership principles.  Instead, he highlighted the importance of relationship and helping each person find their proper vocation and helping them to be reconciled to others.  It was good stuff.

Finally, Bill Hybels shared about the life of Mother Theresa.  He highlighted the little fidelities and the personal commitments that she made before God.  He also told of the struggle she faced when trying to convince her superiors to allow her to go.

The day was capped with an entirely too expensive meal that was very good.

We are now back in Wilmore, and there was much rejoicing.


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