Glamour Shots

So, the other day, the Beeson Pastors were used as models.  As the Beeson International Center continues to do marketing and tell its story, pictures of the current students were needed.  Below is the pic of the whole crew.

This next shot is of the Non-Residential Beeson Pastors around the statue of Mr. Wesley.  These folks are in-ministry while going through the program.  They are on campus in August every year for five years.  Standing are Sabrina Tu, Antoni Sinkfield, John Whitsett, Chris Howlett, and Alice Wolfe.  Sitting are Jane Riecke, Steve Dunmire, Bob Kaylor, and Diane Bell.

This final pic is of my colleagues in the residential track.  Standing are Vitaliy Bak, Jeff Harper, Brian Miller, John Wesley, Cynthia Hinson Graham, Claude Solano, Brian Bradford, and Steve Gober.  Sitting are Mike Hoppe, Robbie Phillips, and Barbara Yorks.


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