Retreating to Gethsemani

Today, the Beeson Pastors will be loading up the van to head to the Burbon Capitol of the World.  The slogan for Bardstown, Kentucky is (no kidding) “Visit Responsibly!”  Actually, we will be about 20 miles from Bardstown at the Abbey of Gethsemani.  We will be spending the weekend at the Trappist Monestary that was the home of Thomas Merton.  Much of our weekend will be spent in silence.  However, we will me a couple of times for group reflection.  The day will begin early, at 3:15am, with morning vigil.  Worship happens seven times a day.  It will be an incredible experience.

…..Auburn plays LSU on Saturday night….Let’s move on.

I wanted to share an article and a church with you.  First, the church is Hope Springs Community Church in Lexington, Kentucky.  The pastor is David Calhoun who has a great story of redemption.  The church is focused on recovery.  Through Celebrate Recovery and through outreach to local NA and AA groups, the church intends to share the gospel with those who understand brokenness and are actively searching for God.  It’s incredibly powerful.

The article that I want to share was written by David Puim and deals with how alcoholics can be vital witnesses of a life given to Jesus.  Sam Persons Parkes posted the article.  Thanks, Sam.  It’s a great gift.  Below is the link.

How Drunks Converted Me


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