Fall Festival – Beeson Style

There is a nip in the air in Kentucky as temperatures have dropped significantly in the past week. There has even been frost on the ground. While I would prefer it never get cold, I try to console myself by recognizing the really great things about moving into fall and closer to winter.

The leaves are falling, reminding us of the quickly arriving deep slumber of creation. Seeing our breath as a vapor on the cold mornings points toward the divine exhale that breathed life into us. The sting of the cold as we first meet it causes one to reflect on those who endure the cold through day and night with no shelter.

Then, there are other things that are great about Autumn. It’s fall festival time! The kids have gotten their costumes for Halloween. The candy is being gathered for our guests. And friends are gathering to celebrate harvest and the Lord’s provision.

The Beeson Pastor fall festival was a blast. A spread of great food, many little ones running around, and some great conversation highlighted the night. Below is a pitcure of those who gathered at the Wesleyan Center for the fun. You may notice that Wesley is not in the pic. Well, sometimes he would rather watch others take pictures than have pictures taken of him.

You will also notice that the group is larger than the 10 Beeson Pastors and families. We have had a great five weeks with the Beeson International Leaders. They represent Liberia, the Phillipines, Indonesia, Singapore, Tanzania, Nigeria, and India. There were a total of 10 nations of origin represented that night!

And one God who created it all!


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