Country Music from Yesteryear: A Shoutout to the Red States

It all began simply.  Mike Hoppe and I were sitting in the Hampton Inn in Stafford, Texas after a long day of hurricane revocery work in Galveston.  We both were curious about the words to the Glen Campbell song from the late 1960’s.  So, we youtubed it.  It was nice to hear the song and to remember words like “I’ll clean my gun and dream of Galveston.”

Then, things got a bit strange.  Both of us admitted a strong enjoyment for older country music with the incredible lyrics and the memorable choruses.  In the process of finding some of those great songs, we also ran across some that were just funny.  Below is Mike’s favorite from that category.

Mostly, though, we enjoyed the heartbreaking twang of Hank Williams, the beautifully terrible voice of Willie Nelson, and the wild pictures painted by Waylon Jennings.  If you are wondering what my favorite is, check the George Jones classic below.  Haunting and beautiful.  Earthy and eternal.


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