Creativity & The Gospel

Having friends who point you in interesting directions is a wonderful thing. Sam Persons Parkes introduced me to Doug Pagitt’s website. Doug is a leading voice in the Emergent church movement. In my studies, I have dug very deeply into the missional church movement. While the missional movement and the emergent movement are cousins (some would say brothers), they have a distinct set of leaders. The emergent movement is a great gift to the church, but my desire for precision in my study has kept me from looking very deeply into the emergent movement.

In delving a bit deeper, I have listened to a bit of Doug Pagitt’s podcasts. They can be accessed through iTunes or through his website. During one talk, he deals with creativity and how creativity works. Along with comparing creativity with sex as something that you should just do and not talk about so much, he gave some keen insight.

Real creativity is not just dressing something up differently according to Pagitt. Creativity strikes at the core of new life. If you are a Coca-Cola distributor, you can’t change the product. All you can do is change the bottle, or the can, or the advertising. Pagit says that Christianity is different. The gospel is continually renewing itself in the lives of people. Therefore, simply dressing it up differently is not creativity at all.

Creativity in the Church is reshaping the practices, the formation, and the community.


2 Responses to “Creativity & The Gospel”

  1. Adrian Pyle Says:

    This is a conversation that is at the heart of my work, so I’d be very interested to hear your thoughts (I know something of DP’s thoughts) on what ‘reshaping of practice’ looks like.

  2. Nick M. Says:

    Donald Miller has a really great sermon/talk that you can get called “Let Story Guide You” and it deals some with creativity and I really enjoyed it. I am going to attempt to send it to you this afternoon when I get home (as it is on my real computer, and not this silly excuse for a “work computer” 😉

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