Breaking the Silence

Easter is a celebration that breaks the silence.

There is a silent period within the Bible.  There were over 500 years between the writing of Malachi, the last book of the Old Testament, and the birth of Jesus.  The intertestamental writings give great insight to what was happening during that time.  However, Protestants do not recognize those writings to be Scripture.  God was silent.

It was the resurrection that broke the silence.  Yes, Jesus was active and had followers while preaching and teaching throughout Judea.  Stories of healings and teachings probably circulated around the area.  We already know that following the death of Jesus, someone compiled a document of sayings attributed to Jesus.  However, the truth is that without the resurrection, these sayings would simply be good insights for healthy living.

Instead, God would not keep his silence.  Jesus was resurrected, and the truth of the identity of Jesus was proclaimed by angels and humans.  The Gospel writers’ inspired words became the newest revelation of God, and we are still hearing the story today.

The New Testament does not only include the story of Jesus, of course.  Acts tells the story of the early church following God’s mission.  The letters of the New Testament are instructive about life in a missional setting and shape our understanding of God.  However, the resurrection that broke the silence is also the final and definitive word.  It is all that we need to tell the world about a redeeming God with power to save.


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