Preaching (DM844)

DATES: September 29-30/October 1, 6-7

The purpose of this course is aligned with the purpose of Beeson itself:  to produce preachers who have something of worth to say and who say it well. That is, they articulate Biblical principles in a clear, concise way which carries intellectual acuity, passionate submission to God and God’s Word, and love for the people they serve. The course will promote the development of sermons reflective of preachers who seek profound spiritual understanding and insight, function under a divine call, and continually work to enhance their ability as transformational communicators. The strategy combines spiritual formation, Biblical interpretation, and technical prowess in communication. Students are therefore encouraged to engage the class as an academic endeavor and as a spiritual pilgrimage.

The class will focus on the call and role of the preacher, the purpose of preaching, spiritual authority, Biblical interpretation, sermon development and preparation, effective communication, cross-cultural and cross-generational preaching, and preaching in the context of a worship experience.

Eldredge, John. Waking the Dead:  The Glory of a Heart Fully Alive. Nashville:
Nelson Books, 2003

Heath, Chip, and Dan Heath. Made to Stick:  Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die.
New York:  Random House, 2007

Kalas, J. Ellsworth. Preaching from the Soul. Nashville:  Abingdon Press, 2003

Lischer, Richard. The Company of Preachers. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans Publ., 2002

Craddock, Fred B. Preaching. Nashville:  Abingdon Press, 1985

Long, Thomas G. The Witness of Preaching. Louisville:  Westminster/John Knox Press,

Stanley, Andy, and Lane Jones.  Communicating for a Change. Sisters, OR:
Multnomah Publ., 2006

Buechner, Frederick. Secrets in the Dark:  A Life in Sermons. New York:  Harper One,

Cantalamessa, Raniero. The Mystery of God’s Word. Collegeville, MN:  The Order of
St. Benedict, Inc., 1994

Optional text:   Pelikan, Jaroslav, ed. Luther’s Works, Vol. 21: The Sermon on the Mount
And The Magnificat
. St. Louis:  Concordia Publishing House, 1958


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