First Day of School!

School began today for Brasher and Phoebe!  Brasher will be in the first grade at Wilmore Elementary School.  His teacher is Ms. Moss.  Phoebe is in kindergarten at the Jessamine Early Learning Village.  Her teacher is Ms. Straight.

Brasher, of course, was too excited to hold it in.  He has been looking forward to going back to school.  The fact that he will be in the same school as our neighbor Will Phillips makes it all the more exciting for him.

Phoebe, on the other hand, had some anxieties.  She loves having her mama around.  So, she was a bit grumpy today.  Making it a bit more scary for her, Maggie, her friend (and Will’s sister), doesn’t start until tomorrow.

We missed the bus on the first day!  That’s alright, though.  Both schools are within a mile of the townhouse.  So, Christina loaded up Brasher, Will, and Phoebe.  When she dropped off Brasher and Will, there was the natural distancing from Mama.  When Christina went to give him a goodbye kiss, Brasher ran away.  Will was not real pleased that she was hanging around either.

Phoebe’s anxieties slowly began to ease as Christina walked her into the building and into her room.  Phoebe will be a great student.  She will also love being there.

It’s and exciting day.  We can’t wait to hear about their experiences.


One Less Incisor

Our family has experienced a significant milestone.  Brasher has lost a tooth!

The tooth has been loose for a couple of weeks, and Brasher has had a hard time waiting.  There were several days where Brasher wanted to get the plyers and pull that things out.

He got to share the experience with all of the Beeson kids.  They all loved it and celebrated it with him.

Last night, the toothfairy left a John Quincy Adams dollar.  Who knew that JQA was on a dollar coin?

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