Leadership Analysis

In preparation for our next class (Leadership), my small group will be working together on a project.  The project is to analyze an example of good leadership and an example of bad leadership.  It’s an interesting exercise really.  Leaders make so many choices about direction, relationships, programs, etc.  Putting together a life’s worth of good choices in those areas is quite an accomplishment.  On the other hand, one poor choice can taint an entire legacy.

So, I want to ask you to participate.  Who is an example of good leadership?  Who is an example of bad leadership?  We’re open for suggestion.

By the way, I’ve got a great small group.  We pray together, read Scripture together, argue with one another, enjoy great conversation over coffee and muffins.  The members are Barb Yorks, Claude Solano, Mike Hoppe, and Steve Gober.