A Bit of Missional Hermeneutic & a Story from Tanzania

Happy Advent! I hope that anticipation of God’s blessing and hope wells up within you.

Early this month, I was teaching a seminar in Dumila, Tanzania for pastors from the Tanzania Assemblies of God. My subject was Ephesians 4 and Paul’s ministry paradigm of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, and Teacher. As I dug into biblical examples of apostolic ministry, a ministry that extends the grace of God to new frontiers, I asked the pastors for examples from the life of Jesus. The first pastor to speak up said, “When he came to earth.” It was a simple observation, but one that had escaped me. In the very incarnation, Jesus was missional. The young pastor in Dumila, who at most was educated at a high school level, pointed out the glory of God’s mission in Jesus. As N.T. Wright says, “What God intended to do to and through Israel, to make Israel his people for the world, God has now achieved and accomplished through Jesus Christ” (Reflecting the Glory, p.54).

Those who claim faith in Jesus are sent to be witnesses of the grace of God through our Lord Jesus Christ.  May our Christmas be filled with wonder, awe, and opportunity to bear witness in word, in deed, and in our daily living.


Karibu Sana

Enjoy some pics from the Beeson trip to Tanzania.

The purpose of our time in Tanzania was to encourage pastors and their churches. We taught at Dumila and at Bethel Revival Temple in Morogoro.

The Bishop of the Tanzania Assemblies of God is Barnabas Mtokambali. Recently, he has guided a process of discerning the future of TAG. In the process, they were given the vision of planting over 2,000 new churches in the next 10 years. It’s a bold vision, but they have plans and processes in place to accomplish the vision.

Enjoy the pics. If you have any questions about the trip or about Tanzania, let me know.

Karibu Sana!

Packing for Tanzania

The unfolding of a missional hermeneutic will be put on hold for a couple of weeks.  Tomorrow, the Beeson class will be catching a plane to Tanzania.

Length of Experience:  Depart on Dec. 1; Return on Dec. 12

Mission:  (1) Teaching pastors at a conference for Tanzania Assemblies of God; (2) Preaching nightly services in local congregations.  In all of our speaking experiences, we will be aided by translators who will transform our words into Swahili, the most common shared language.

Location:  Morogoro for the conference; parts unknown for preaching

Who:  Ten Beeson Pastors led by Kent Reynolds, the Beeson Pastor in Residence

Tanzania is a very interesting country.  The Serengeti is located within the bounaries of the country.  The northern border (shared with Kenya) is the site of Mount Kilamanjaro.  Off of the coast of Tanzania is the charming and infinitely interesting archipelago of Zanzibar.  Unfortunately, we will not experience any of these, but it’s still pretty cool.

Pray for us as we travel, as we tell the story of salvation, and as we equip the saints.